Danfoss Plus 1 and Electrical
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Danfoss Plus 1 and Electrical

Pearson Hydraulics Ltd offers the Danfoss portfolio which includes an extensive range of state-of-the-art electronics for the off-highway vehicle sector. Providing an array of standard and custom products - including software, joysticks, Plus+1™ microcontrollers, sensors, graphical terminals and GPS technology.  Combined with a Plus+1™ control platform, you can quickly build customized vehicle control solutions, reduce costs and bring your vehicles to market faster.

Please contact our sales team on +44 1522 846846 should you not find the product or technical information you require on our website.

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Code Description Price Quantity
10100945 10100945 Danfoss Bag Assy Deutsch Plus 1.24 Pin £121.21 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
10102023 10102023 Danfoss Bag Assy, Deutsch, DTM 12-Socket Plug (24P) £55.73 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
10102024 10102024 Danfoss Bag Assy Deutsch DRC 50 Socket £176.98 (exc VAT) Each
10100946 10100946 Danfoss Bag Assy,Deutsch DRC 50-Socket £123.04 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
10100944 10100944 Danfoss 12 Pin Deutsch Connector Kit £55.73 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
11028348 11028348 Danfoss Deutsch DT 50 Series Connector Bag Assy £22.90 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
10101554 10101554 Danfoss Cable ASM,8 S,AMP P,400MM,P P303083 £286.64 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
10101556 10101556 Danfoss Cable ASM, 16 S, AMP P, 400mm,P P49780 £223.06 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
11012646 11012646 Danfoss Cable Assy Deutsch 18 Plug 400MM, 16 Inch £292.49 (exc VAT) Each
162B6017 162B6017 Danfoss Joystick Cable £28.87 (exc VAT) Each
162B6014 162B6014 Danfoss Joystick Cable 4000 MM With Horizontal Sub D Plug £67.22 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
162B6013 162B6013 Danfoss Cable X 4000 MM £92.61 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
10101176 10101176 Danfoss Joystick JS1000-NY-A-SNNN-BK01 £240.59 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
10101178 10101178 Danfoss Joystick JS1000-NY-A-SNNN-BLSW £392.32 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
11080795 11080795 Danfoss JS1000 Joystick JS1000-NY-A-J331-TK01 £330.27 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
11030798 11030798 Danfoss PROF 1 Joystick B&W Mech Prof1-XY-BAS-S-NNN-TPR1-R-NRRN £1007.46 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
10102150 10102150 Danfoss Joystick JS1000-NY-A-SNNN-TK01 £244.59 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
162F0692 162F0692 Danfoss Prof 1 (Two Way Technology) Joystick £1000.92 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
162F1302 162F1302 Danfoss PVRE Joystick £798.30 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
162F1304 162F1304 Danfoss Prof 1 Joystick £1502.77 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
162F1310 162F1310 Danfoss Joystick £830.27 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
162F1311 162F1311 Danfoss Prof 1 Joystick PVRE £677.04 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
162F1314 162F1314 Danfoss Prof 1 Joystick PVRE Series 2 £1479.74 (exc VAT) Each
162F1106 162F1106 Danfoss Prof 1 Joystick £1292.96 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
162F1134 162F1134 Danfoss Prof 1 Joystick Left Hand £1409.51 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
162F2006 162F2006 Danfoss Prof 1 Joystick XY-CAO-S-100-TPR1-RYYYY YYNNNNNNGRCN £1856.21 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
162U1006 162U1006 Danfoss JS120-0006 Fingertip Joystick £364.01 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
83023748 83023748 Danfoss JS6000-N-Y-PWN-M-S-NL-W33N-MG00-N-N £1267.09 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
83034642 83034642 Danfoss JS7000-M1-SM-NN-NN-CAN-J90-T-V-NN-VR-CV-TR-NN-NN-TY-TB-NN-PN £2063.91 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
83045795 83045795 Danfoss Joystick JS6000-XY-PTT-M-S-NL-Y-SNNN-HK NN-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N £865.20 (exc VAT) Each
83051889 83051889 Danfoss Joystick JS1H-XY-CHP-S-C34-THR1-L-UN2B4 UN2B2NN-GNGN-NN £1479.61 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
83054789 83054789 Danfoss Joystick Left Hand JS1H-XY-CPP-H -C36-THR1-L-RRQNRQNNNNNNGNGNNN £1347.66 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
83054791 83054791 Danfoss Joystick Right Hand JS1H-XY-CPP-H -C35-THR1-R-RRQNRQNNNNNNGNGNNN £1347.66 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
JS6000NYPTTHSNLYSNNNHKN JS6000NYPTTHSNLYSNNNHKN Danfoss Joystick JS6000 Heavy Duty With M/Switch £572.68 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
11080686 11080686 Danfoss DP250. Plus 1 Display £990.07 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
10106883 10106883 Danfoss DP200 Plus 1 Display £830.82 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
11033865 11033865 Danfoss Deutsch DTM06 Mating Connection G For Speed Sensor £131.70 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
11044551 11044551 Danfoss Sensor 0-040 Bar £206.90 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
11044562 11044562 Danfoss Pressure Sensor 0-160 Bar MBS12503216 C3GB04 £206.90 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
11044563 11044563 Danfoss Pressure Sensor 0-250 Bar MBS12503416 C3GB04 £206.90 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
11044542 11044542 Danfoss Sensor, Press, 0-400Bar, MBS12503616, C3BD08 £206.90 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
11044564 11044564 Danfoss Pressure Sensor 0-400 Bar MBS12503616 C3GB04 £206.90 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
11130953 11130953 Danfoss OX024-110-Final ASM (10100999) £437.13 (exc VAT) Each
11130952 11130952 Danfoss IOX024-120-Final ASM £424.99 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
10100995 10100995 Danfoss IX012-010-Final Assy £246.02 (exc VAT) Each
10100998 10100998 Danfoss IX024-010 Input Expansion Module £450.49 (exc VAT) Each
11130918 11130918 Danfoss OX012-110 Final Plus 1 Asm £303.37 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
11130915 11130915 Danfoss MC012-110 Plus 1 Controller £293.10 (exc VAT) Each
11035917 11035917 Danfoss MC038-010 Final ASM £835.43 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
11130919 11130919 Danfoss MC024-110-Final Assy £449.71 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
11130920 11130920 Danfoss MC024-112-Final Assy Plus+1 ASM APP HDW £517.17 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
11131281 11131281 Danfoss MC024-122-Final Assy Plus App HDW £543.04 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
11130954 11130954 Danfoss MC050-110 PLUS 1 Controller (10100900) £895.58 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
11130956 11130956 Danfoss MC050-120 Final Assy Plus 1 Danfoss Controller £823.95 (exc VAT) Each
1090860 1090860 Danfoss SX Load Control 100MA EDC Controller £1902.77 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
155U2600 155U2600 Danfoss PVREL Electric Lever Bottom Cover £36.04 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
155U2605 155U2605 Danfoss PVREL Electric Lever Spring Centred £335.38 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
155U2606 155U2606 Danfoss PVREL Electric Lever With Friction C/W Neutral Switch £404.80 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
155U2607 155U2607 Danfoss PVREL Electric Lever With Neutral Lock Neutral SW £380.58 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
11146335 11146335 Danfoss Boot Replaces K00635 £9.00 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
11153502 11153502 Danfoss DP610TM-10-02-06-02-04-05 £3160.09 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
155B4210 155B4210 Danfoss PVRES EL Remote Control £459.67 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
155B4211 155B4211 Danfoss PVRES EL Remote Control £504.77 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
155B4212 155B4212 Danfoss PVRES EL Remote Control £760.26 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
155B4218 155B4218 Danfoss PVRES EL Remote Control £509.21 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
155U0905 155U0905 Danfoss EHF Electric Flow Adjustment £379.50 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
155U0932 155U0932 Danfoss Retaining Clip for EHB Centred (Pack Of 10) £103.34 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
155U0933 155U0933 Danfoss EHB Mounting Base £44.98 (exc VAT) Each
155U2905 155U2905 Danfoss EHR Ramp Module £367.71 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
162B3301 162B3301 Danfoss Roller £253.28 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
162U1010 162U1010 Danfoss P-G SA301649 JS120 7 Way Conn £37.15 (exc VAT) Each
701409N 701409N Danfoss MCH12BCS107 KPL Grip £1240.06 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
778092N 778092N Danfoss MCH11BCS112KLP Grip £875.96 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
791681N 791681N Danfoss Kepa 14161(K13566)Foot Pedal £389.38 (exc VAT) Each
K01588 K01588 Danfoss APMH Electrical Connector £237.80 (exc VAT) Each
K14957 K14957 Danfoss Connector 4P Inline Turck £165.67 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
K23511 K23511 Danfoss Deutsch DT Series, Connector Bag Assy £41.28 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
KPPG156 KPPG156 Danfoss PPU,Flat.Turck,High Current Filtered £613.65 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
KPPG22408 KPPG22408 Danfoss Speed Sensor For Series 51-1 60CC £280.21 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
11144800 11144800 Danfoss Panel Mounting Kit For DP700 £64.20 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
10102040 10102040 Danfoss AMP Junior timer conn £17.58 (exc VAT) Each
11027919 11027919 Danfoss Bag Asm, 38 Deut Sockets £132.63 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
KVFBA1001 KVFBA1001 Danfoss Flow Control Servovalve £2874.01 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
MCH11AM1083 MCH11AM1083 Danfoss Control Handle £637.20 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
MCH12AC1033 MCH12AC1033 Danfoss Control Handle £829.07 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
MCH21AC1062 MCH21AC1062 Danfoss Control Handle Grip 24V Surf/MT £606.77 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
MCH42BB1032 MCH42BB1032 Danfoss Control Handle £1201.29 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
MCH42BD1058 MCH42BD1058 Danfoss Control Handle £1322.46 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
MCH52AM1234 MCH52AM1234 Danfoss MCH Control Handle £836.23 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
MCX103B1153 MCX103B1153 Danfoss Rotary Hall Effect Steering Sensor £660.29 (exc VAT) Each Enquire
MCV102A2131 MCV102A2131 Danfoss Press Control Servo Valve £4548.56 (exc VAT) Each Enquire